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Classes Media: Video (loop). Dimension: variable. 1. The Question What is the meaning of human activities to mark boundaries for distinguishing disciplines? 2. The Presentation This video is sometimes presented as part of a six-channel video installation which includes:    

Record: 2012.09.28. 1.The Question This project focuses on a specific set of data that was available on on the 28th of September in 2012. It was a random day when I encountered the possibility of collecting a strange set of data about Korean War items sold through system. The question that inspired this […]

_______. ____. Media: Installation for one-person experience. Technique used: High sensitivity video recording, video projection, light control, sound control, temperature control. 1. The Question How does very little information convey sensations? How does the technological, spatial, and other sensory environment influence this? 2. The Video My approaches to recording very little information on video include […]